Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

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No, Mats, nobody has started a new debate about whether E is a language. Mark simply commented about certain evidence that was provided being weak evidence. He did not say that, therefore, the entire case is in question. Other’s made general comments about the nature of that particular evidence without making any implications regarding the case for E. Please don’t mis-construe every comment that is not “Encode E now!” to be arguing against what you want.


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2016-04-24 19:29 GMT+02:00 Peter Constable <petercon at<mailto:petercon at>>:
I don’t think anybody here is arguing that Elfdalian should be considered a dialect of Swedish rather than a distinct language. The only debate is about the best way to go about getting the result you seek.

Yes there now just started a new debate about if Elfdalian is a language or not, with examples about English variants, Montenegrin, Mixtec languages, etc.

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