Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

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Sun Apr 24 21:23:31 CEST 2016

2016-04-24 19:29 GMT+02:00 Peter Constable <petercon at>:

> I don’t think anybody here is arguing that Elfdalian should be considered
> a dialect of Swedish rather than a distinct language. The only debate is
> about the best way to go about getting the result you seek.

Yes there now just started a new debate about if Elfdalian is a language or
not, with examples about English variants, Montenegrin, Mixtec languages,
We did that debate already, if people are still not convinced, please bring
to the table some data about Elfdalian instead of giving a lot of examples
not related to Elfdalian.

> I appreciate that this may be tiresome and frustrating for you. However,
> some of us feel that concerns regarding Elfdalian cannot outweigh process
> concerns that may impact many other language communities beyond Elfdalian.
> I hope you can understand that.

I'm also concerned for other languages; What if other languages also will
get the same problems when another governmental agency want to put down
veto against their encoding?

> The vitality of Elfdalian surely cannot depend on whether it gets coded
> tomorrow, or two months from now, or twelve months from now.

Of course it does not depend on the code, but the vitality is of course
effected by it.There is important digitalization work that cannot be done
right now. There is at the moment 60 children in Älvdalen speaking the
language. There are many people trying to do a lot of different work to
make this language able to survive, like creating digital games in
Elfdalian, website content, upload keyboard resources..

Beside, we do not know if this will take 2 months, 12 months, 24 or how
many. What you offer is a potential "no solution ever".

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