Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

Phillips, Addison addison at
Fri Apr 22 19:52:31 CEST 2016

Michael replied:
> > But the RA's process is reality. We know that their schedule is much slower
> than ours--and I wouldn't necessarily classify that as "unresponsiveness”.
> So you’re asking Mats to wait until the end of the year, when he might get
> yet again a “No”?

No, I'm asking for this group to wait for a reply, which may or may not take until the end of the year, assuming that we're serious about the appeal.

> > Since language subtags are forever, we need to temper a bias for action
> with some patience for a different standards body and its different cadence.
> We purposely installed language requiring a rejection from the RA in BCP 47,
> knowing that it would take time to collect it. The urgency of the request,
> while seemingly pressing to the requester in this moment, is not more
> important than the stability of the language tagging system as a whole.
> I think it is clear that this particular language should not have been rejected
> by the RA. Can they not receive an appeal and use e-mail to discuss the
> matter, and approve the subtag without waiting for the Winter Solstice?

They might. I have no idea what they might do. Perhaps you should ask them? The speed of the appeal response is not, to my mind, the important part. If we submit an email appealing to the RA to reconsider and they only meet occasionally in an official capacity, I would expect to have to wait.

> What do you think Mats should do?

I think Mats has already done the different things he could do, save that, since you are empowered with accepting a registration request from him for a non-standard language subtag, he could renew that request under the normal process. The appeal that you're engaged in creating is by far the better recourse in my opinion and I tend to agree that the RA has made an error here. But the presentation of an appeal doesn't mean that the RA will have a specific urgency to reply to it nor does it mean that they have a mechanism whereby they can officially reply more speedily than their normal process.


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