Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Apr 22 18:09:25 CEST 2016

Peter Constable wrote:

> The RA has an established process. Are we trying to by-pass it under
> the threat of creating a subtag that could create future conflicts? Is
> the RA to by-pass established process for anybody that can present a
> sufficient risk to overall good?

Let's send the appeal. It can't hurt anything. Then, if the RA says no, 
or if they say "we'll keep looking into it" but we are dissatisfied with 
their time frame, at that point we can discuss registering a 5+ letter 
subtag (we really need a good name for such things).

I remain unconvinced that a 5+ letter subtag would be such a terrible 
option. We did build the mechanism into BCP 47, with lots of caveats 
about how it would only be used in rare, exceptional circumstances. 
Well, here we are; I've never seen a debate like this in 15 years on 

I also remain unconvinced that the urgency is all that great, on the 
order of months, but I suspect the RA has no urgency at all to give 
Elfdalian a solid "yes" or "no" verdict. If we followed the normal 
schedule, the results would probably be the same, so we may as well get 
to the end game sooner.

Doug Ewell | | Thornton, CO 🇺🇸

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