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I agree with Martin that it would be certainly in scope as a BCP47 variant.

However, if it ends up not being added as a BCP47 variant, one could file a
ticket <> for consideration as a
BCP47 *locale* variant. The syntax would be a bit different, eg
en-u-va-plain vs en-plain.

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On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 8:01 AM, Martin J. Dürst <duerst at>

> On 2015/09/03 14:02, Peter Constable wrote:
>> Coincidentally, there has been a project going on within ISO TC 37/SC4 to
>> create a Technical Specification, "Language resource management —
>> Controlled natural language (CNL) — Basic concepts and general principles".
>> I thought these excerpts from a draft might be of interest for this
>> discussion (I'm extracting only a few portions, which I am assuming to fall
>> within fair-use allowances of copyright laws):
> Although many properties of CNLs and their environments have already been
>> identified... CNL itself has the four properties listed below...
> 3. It is an engineered (i.e. constructed) language: this means that it is
>> explicitly and consciously defined, and is not the product of an implicit
>> and natural process, even though it is based in turn on a natural language
>> that is the product of an implicit and natural process.
> It strikes me that point 3 in particular would suggest that CNLs are very
>> much within the scope of BCP 47.
> I would agree, and guess that many on this list would agree, that a
> specific and well-defined CNL would be in scope (mostly through a specific
> variant subtag registration) for BCP 47.
> I think the point where we see many different and conflicting opinions is
> on the value of registering some kind of general variant tag that would be
> applicable to simplified or controlled languages independent of base
> language.
> Regards,   Martin.
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