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Fri Oct 30 16:25:13 CET 2015

Kent, it seems to me that that would make the meaning of the subtag completely opaque, determined solely in a private context. In that case, a private-use tag would suffice.


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> Well, the Wikimedia Foundation Language Committee does have immediate 
> needs for a conformant subtag, and ³wpsimple² is intended to mean only 
> the variety of simple [...] languages which conform to the guidelines 
> for simplification used on Wikimedia¹s projects.

In that case, I'd say there should be no prefix field in the record for this subtag. Which languages to which this subtag is (appropriately) applicable is defined externally to the language subtag registry, and no need to update that field in the registry  if/when another language becomes (appropriately) applicable.

/Kent Karlsson

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