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1. Name of requester: Michael Everson
2. E-mail address of requester: everson @
3. Record Requested:

 Type:   variant
 Subtag: basiceng
 Description: Basic English
 Prefix: en

4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

The subtag is intended to represent the controlled language created by linguist and philosopher Charles Kay Ogden.

5. Reference to published description of the language (book or article):

Ogden, Charles Kay. 1932. Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.

Ogden, Charles Kay. 1932. The Basic dictionary, being the 7,500 most useful words with their equivalents in Basic English, for the use of translators, teachers and students, by C. K. Ogden. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co.

Ogden, Charles Kay. [1942]. The general Basic English dictionary, giving more than 40,000 senses of over 20,000 words, in Basic English, under the direction of C. K. Ogden... with the help of a committee of the Orthological Institute. New York: Norton.

6. Any other relevant information:

Basic English

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