Basic English

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Nov 27 18:06:41 CET 2015

Mark Davis wrote:

> At this point, I've pretty much given up on this process. Someone
> comes in with a legitimate need for variant that would be deployed on
> wikipedia (a pretty darn'd high-volume site), and be generally useful.
> What happens? This gets sidetracked into promoting an obscure variant
> that will get vanishingly small usage.The original requests for 'wpsimple' and 'basiceng' were both posted on 
> October 28, less than an hour apart. One did not become the other.

The requests are related because the varieties are related in concept, 
but there is no reason we can't reach agreement on what to do with each 
one, independently of the other.

> I'll personally recommend in the future that people requesting
> anything useful to just not bother with a variant, and simply request
> instead a subtag with the -u- or -t- mechanisms, where the process has
> a sense of both perspective and utility.

I'm not in favor of replacing the BCP 47 process with a CLDR process. 
BCP 47 was written and approved to involve this sort of free discussion, 
even if it has gotten out of control here.

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