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Wed Mar 25 17:41:50 CET 2015

On 25/03/2015 16:14, Doug Ewell wrote:
> Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:
>> So, again, if a user in Portugal wants his variants of ao1990 and a
>> user in Brazil wants his variants of ao1990, how would you propose to
>> respond to those user requirements? 
> Assuming that is a valid use case (João might disagree), wouldn't those
> simply be "pt-PT-ao1990" and "pt-BR-ao1990"?
Hi Michael, Doug,

Given the previous history of "Convenção Ortográfica" (the first attempt
at unification) I find a pt-BR-ao1990 usage likely in the future. If
history will repeat itself, the Academia Brasileira de Letras will
publish a new vocabulary for pt-BR and we'll have to amend the official
sources for a "ao1990" tag. Last time it took them 26 years. A
pt-BR-ao1990 goes against the intent of AO1990, but language evolution
tends to not follow intentions, from the little I know.

Today I find requests for the old orthography, so pt-PT-colb1945 and
pt-BR-colb1945 are current needs. Some publishers are using pt-PT-ao1990
directly in the Brazilian market while others feel the need to actually
translate their texts to something better localised to the target
country. We'll see how it evolves.

I might be misunderstanding this, but I think one of the major problems
with these tags is that, unlike most others, this reform is being
implemented now, while most other decisions had the benefit of hindsight
as they had appeared well before BCP 47. I can work with objections from
real needs, but the current flow situation does invite for speculation
into the future. This was a bigger issue when I first proposed them (the
Portuguese government implementation had only a few months and its
effects weren't obvious for many). Today we have a mainstream adoption
in Portugal (most media, all school manuals, most people on their day to
day usage). So a little bit more history is now available to us.


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