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On 23 Mar 2015, at 21:12, Andrew Glass (WINDOWS) <Andrew.Glass at> wrote:

> There is a difference between a process-related statement of "continued blocking" and insinuation of misogynistic and criminal activity "beating your wife”.

That is THE classic example of the and it is the loaded question that I was objecting to. Perhaps you were unaware of the reference, but this is by no means an unusual example of the fallacy.

> This is an international mailing list. I think off-hand remarks should be kept within norms that are professional and fit for the public record.

Real people use real words. I do not like disputing with Peter. But I’m not afraid that “the public record” should imagine that all of the wonderful internationalization work which spanned the period from the late 1995 to 2035 was done in a dance of sweetness and light. We are all people with personalities and I suppose historians in the future will appreciate knowing who we are. Including that we may have disputed from time to time. 

For the record, in my view I was not the one who started making this discussion personal. 

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