Registration request for new subtags for Portuguese orthographies

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Mar 23 19:49:03 CET 2015

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

>> I thought João did provide wordlists from an official source.
> You’ve used a plural and a singular. Did he provide multiple lists
> from a single source?

In [1] he wrote:

> Sorry, just noted the "authoritative wordlist", that's available for
> browsing at
> I hate the format, but it's the one in the Portuguese law.

This is a single wordlist, split into hundreds of individual web pages.
So to be precise, he provided *a* wordlist from an official source. I
can't tell if that's seen as better or worse than if he had provided

In [2] he also wrote:

> I can provide any references if needed.

which might be worth pursuing, if the concern is about authoritative
definitions and not the goodness of the reform effort.


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