Registration request for new subtags for Portuguese orthographies

João Miguel Neves joao at
Sat Mar 21 18:41:21 CET 2015

On 21/03/2015 15:01, Michael Everson wrote:
> Another. As far as I can tell there is no standard orthography to be tagged. Not without sub-subtags. 
> ==========
> More thoughts:
> - before 1990: 
> António, homónimo, higiénico, génese were ao45
> Antônio, homônimo, higiênico, gênese were abl43
> - after 1990:
> all 8 forms are ao1990 and the first 4 are still ao45
Hi António,

I think there's something wrong on this example. The second version
(Antônio, etc.) actually survived in Brazil to our days, even after the
adoption by Brazil of the 1945 "Convenção Ortográfica" in 1971. That
resulted in a single change in Portugal implemented by the law decree
32/73 supposedly to the only difference between Portugal and Brasil.
Unless I'm missing something here, you'd need to either classify both as
pt-PT-ao1945 and pt-BR-ao1945 or recognize that ao1945 (which I think
should be colb1945) does have all the same variants as ao1990.

Yes, ao1990 has a bunch of issues. It's a consequence of being only the
second multi-country Portuguese agreement, the first being done by
diplomats instead of scientists and having several problems. That it
exists and is used is a reality.

Best regards,

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