Deprecating grandfathered tags redux

Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Mar 10 00:01:10 CET 2015

Here's an update on where we are with these:


John and Caoimhín have converged on deprecating "cel-gaulish" with no
P-V and with a new Comments field: "see xcg, xga, xtg". Ready for forms.


There seem to be three schools of thought: (1) deprecate and add variant
'oxendict', (2) deprecate and add variant 'oxford', (3) do nothing. More
discussion is needed.


Mark wants to deprecate with a P-V of "en-idefault"; John and Addison
and Michael want to leave it alone. I won't submit forms to the list to
do anything with this tag, though of course Mark can.


Mark agrees to deprecate with no P-V. Ready for forms.


Section 3.4, item 17 says we can't register variant 'mingo'.
Furthermore, says this is not a dialect of Seneca
anyway, but a separate language within the same family. No action (at
least from me) unless new info appears.


No objections to adding a Comments field: "see cdo, cpx, czo, mnp, nan".
Ready for forms.

Doug Ewell | | Thornton, CO 🇺🇸

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