Deprecating grandfathered tags redux

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Mar 7 18:24:52 CET 2015

> 5. i-mingo
> Kent suggested deprecating this with a P-V of "see-mingo", where 'see'
> is Seneca. John agreed.

If we create this variant, do we violate the SHALL NOT in Section 3.4, 
item 17 below?

> Many of the grandfathered tags are deprecated -- indeed, they
> were deprecated even before [RFC4646].  For example, the tag
> "art-lojban" was deprecated in favor of the primary language
> subtag 'jbo'.  These tags could have been made 'redundant' by
> registering some of their subtags as 'variants'.  The 'variant-
> like' subtags in the grandfathered registrations SHALL NOT be
> registered in the future, even with a similar or identical
> meaning.

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