Deprecating grandfathered tags redux

John Cowan cowan at
Sat Mar 7 17:26:17 CET 2015

Phillips, Addison scripsit:

> However, I want to point out that using the existing "subtag"of Oxford
> is probably a good idea. If we change the subtag, the deprecation will
> cause existing tags to change when canonicalized. Making the existing
> subtag composable is also easier to explain. After all, we commonly
> say that the subtag itself doesn't matter.

I don't understand this.  The existing subtag is 'oed', which is not a
valid variant subtag.  'Oxford' is only another proposal.

But, y'know, other than satisfying Mark Davis's rage for order :-),
I wonder what benefit is achieved by changing 'oed' at this point.
There are almost 2000 ghits for it, so knowledge about it has leaked out;
it is talked about, not just used for tagging.

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