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Mon Jan 26 18:07:32 CET 2015

The meaning of a registered subtag is defined by its registration form,
and to a lesser extent, by its Description field. If this new subtag is
defined to mean Oxford English Dictionary spelling, as the RFC 3066 tag
was, then that is what it means, regardless of the letters that make up
the subtag value.

'oxendict' looks too much like a dictionary of oxen, or the diction of
oxen. I realize "oxen" is how the town of Oxford got its name, but
language tagging isn't supposed to be a lesson in etymology.

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA |

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On 25 Jan 2015, at 17:51, John Cowan <cowan at> wrote:

> Mark Davis ☕️ scripsit:
>> I have a slight preference for "oxford", which just looks cleaner. The Prefix would be en anyway, which would disambiguate.
> How would "en-(gb-)oxford" differentiate between 'OED orthography’ and 'variety spoken in the city of Oxford’?

I don’t think it could.

Michael Everson *

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