Add Likely Subtags first step

Caoimhin O Donnaile caoimhin at
Mon Jan 26 14:13:49 CET 2015

If the tags were only being used to tag written language, I think people 
would assume that en-oxford meant the spelling and standards adopted by 
the Oxford English Dictionary (en-GB but with -ize rather than -ise).

But if the tags were being used to tag spoken language, I think people 
would assume it meant Oxford/Oxbridge English, a sort of educated, 
public-school, semi-posh accent: (at 3:08)

or (less likely) the very different dialect of rural Oxfordshire.

I see that the Wikipedia article on Received Pronunciation hedges a bit 
between spoken and written:

  “The study of RP is concerned exclusively with pronunciation, whereas
   "Standard English", "the Queen's English", "Oxford English", or "BBC
   English" is also concerned with matters such as grammar, vocabulary and


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