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Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Jan 25 18:29:25 CET 2015

John Cowan wrote regarding cel-gaulish:

> It's a bit more dcomplex than that.  Lepontic is probably the sister
> language to the Gaulish group, and whether Noric and Galatian are
> Gaulish proper or just closely related is a question.  Celtiberian
> is further away.  But nobody knows whether these languages form
> a proper clade with respect to the insular Celtic languages or not.
> I would deprecate this tag and *not* refer to any other tags.  People
> who are likely to tag things with Gaulish probably know more about it
> than any of us on this list (unless indeed we have a Gaulish scholar
> lurking, in which case, speak up!)

Comments fields are non-normative, so there isn't really much risk if 
the list of "see" languages isn't perfect. I can go either way on this.

Regarding "zh-min":

> I agree, but using the standard comment form "see nan, mnp, cdo, czo,
> cpx".

I agree, but ordered alphabetically by subtag as usual: "see cdo, cpx, 
czo, mnp, nan".

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