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> Not all grandfathered tags have a Preferred-Value. Canonicalization leaves
> such tags unchanged. Examples include "cel-gaulish", "en-GB-oed", and
> "i-mingo". 
Speaking of grandfathered tags...

Type: grandfathered
Tag: cel-gaulish
Description: Gaulish
Added: 2001-05-25

According to Wikipedia, the Gaulish languages are (or rather were):
xtg ­ Transalpine Gaulish
xcg ­ Cisalpine Gaulish
xlp ­ Lepontic
xga ­ Galatian

So I think cel-gaulish should be deprecated, with a comment like:
"Comment: See: xtg for Transalpine Gaulish, xcg for Cisalpine Gaulish,
  xlp for Lepontic, xga for Galatian."


Type: grandfathered
Tag: zh-min
Description: Min, Fuzhou, Hokkien, Amoy, or Taiwanese
Added: 1999-12-18
Deprecated: 2009-07-29

According to Ethnologue (
"The Chinese now divide Chinese Min into 5 major varieties:
Min Nan [nan], Min Bei [mnp], Min Dong [cdo], Min Zhong [czo], and Pu-Xian
Others say there are at least 9 varieties which are inherently mutually

So I think a comment like:
"Comment: See: nan for Min Nan, mnp for Min Bei, cdo for Min Dong,
  czo for Min Zhong, cpx for Pu-Xian."
would be appropriate for this registry entry, while deprecating this tag.


Type: grandfathered
Tag: i-mingo
Description: Mingo
Added: 1997-09-19

According to Wikipedia, Mingo is a dialect of Seneca (language subtag:
So I think this one should be deprecated, with a reference to 'see' for
or possibly to (Preferred-Value) 'see-mingo' where 'mingo' is a new variant
At the very least there should be a reference to Seneca, even of not
deprecating this tag.

    /Kent Karlsson

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