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Tue Dec 15 12:39:42 CET 2015

That sounds fine.

The recommendation of sequences or not depends on people's preferences.

   - People who request pages using "en-basiceng" are likely to get "en"
   pages unless there happens to be one specifically tagged with basiceng.
   - People who request pages using "en-simple-basiceng" are likely to get
   an "en-simple" page if the basiceng doesn't exist.


On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 10:02 PM, Michael Everson <everson at>

> It’s my intention to approve “simple” for generic use (with misgivings) as
> well as “basiceng” as a specific form. I am not convinced that “ogden” is
> better, nor that people will confuse “basiceng” with “simple” since
> Wikipedia or VOA or whomever will certainly use the latter, and “basiceng”
> reflects the name of the specific form in question better than “ogden” does.
> The forms for “basiceng” were submitted 29 October and it appears that
> there are no edits to be made. I will file the “simple” forms shortly.
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