Region subtags and orthographic variants (was: Re: registration requests re Portuguese)

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Apr 16 18:26:36 CEST 2015

Yury <yury dot tarasievich at gmail dot com> wrote:

>>> pt-ao1990-PT
>> Syntactically that is impossible for language tags. The ordering must
>> be as specified in
> How so? Oh wait, section 2.2.4 rule 1, overriding the ABNF spec in the
> same document, which, as it turns out, is just for show.
> Who writes specifications like this, anyway?.. Ah.

I don't see the conflict that Yury is seeing.

Section 2.1 has:

| langtag = language
|           ["-" script]
|           ["-" region]
|           *("-" variant)
|           *("-" extension)
|           ["-" privateuse]

where one of the productions of 'langtag' includes 'extlang'.

Section 2.2.4 has:

| 1.  Region subtags MUST follow any primary language, extended
|     language, or script subtags and MUST precede any other type of
|     subtag.

And that is what the ABNF shows, correct?

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