No consensus on en-GB-oed replacement?

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Wed Apr 1 17:01:59 CEST 2015

Mark Davis scripsit:

> *i-default. *I understand that it is defined in RFC 2277, but I don't know
> of any software that actually uses it:


> it is really something like "en-fallback": that is, 'we had to
> fallback to English because we didn't have the requested
> language'.

Not so.  It is used where the user has had no opportunity to request a
specific language.  It may include text in multiple languages, English
being one of them.  If "i-default" text is English-only, it may be simpler
English than "en" text, to maximize its intelligibility, or may even
be semantically different, like "Get help" instead of "Login failed".

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