Additional name "Cou" for 'tsu' (was: i-tsu: minor correction in RFC 5646 language tag entry)

Pascal Vaillant pascal.vaillant at
Fri Sep 26 06:50:35 CEST 2014

> > BUT the pinyin transliteration of 鄒 is "zou", not "cou".
> > The non-aspirated fricative dental is noted "ts" in Wade
> > and "z" in pinyin. The aspirated corresponding consonant
> > is noted "ts'" in Wade and "c" in pinyin, but 鄒 in the
> > received Mandarin pronounciation (in Taiwan "guoyu")
> > actually is "zou" and not "cou".
> That's a compelling point.  But in Tsou itself there is no phonemic
> contrast corresponding to the Chinese constrast between zou and cou.
> So since we have had a specific request for "Cou" but not for "Zou",
> I'd go with what the requester wants, since these names are not
> authoritative anyhow.

But then, since the phonemic distinction doesn't exist, it
seems more logical to insert the pinyin transliteration
that people who know Chinese would use if they had come to
hear the name Tsou uttered or spelled in Chinese (be it
the character, the Wade transliteration, or bopomofo),
doesn't it?

Best regards,

Pascal Vaillant

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