Additional name "Cou" for 'tsu' (was: i-tsu: minor correction in RFC 5646 language tag entry)

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Sep 25 23:49:23 CEST 2014

Pascal Vaillant scripsit:

> BUT the pinyin transliteration of 鄒 is "zou", not "cou".
> The non-aspirated fricative dental is noted "ts" in Wade
> and "z" in pinyin. The aspirated corresponding consonant
> is noted "ts'" in Wade and "c" in pinyin, but 鄒 in the
> received Mandarin pronounciation (in Taiwan "guoyu")
> actually is "zou" and not "cou".

That's a compelling point.  But in Tsou itself there is no phonemic
contrast corresponding to the Chinese constrast between zou and cou.
So since we have had a specific request for "Cou" but not for "Zou",
I'd go with what the requester wants, since these names are not
authoritative anyhow.

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