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Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Nov 20 20:21:23 CET 2014

Richard BUDELBERGER <budelberger dot richard at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

>> Comments: Elfdalian is spoken in Älvdalen, Dalarna, Sweden.
> If you don’t use the English exonym “Dalecarlia”, why don’t you write
> « Sverige » ?…
> [Dalecarlian (resp. Elfdalian) is spoken in Dalarna (resp.
> Tjyörtjbynn)…]

I personally won't get involved in requesters' choices of exonyms and
endonyms in a Comments field. This is always a slippery slope and often
a matter of personal choice (I say Milano, not Milan), and it does not
contribute to understanding of the subtag.

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