ISO 3166 adopts "Cabo Verde"

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Mar 7 23:48:51 CET 2014

I wrote:

> Changes like this are no longer available via simple, free-of-charge
> update notices, as they were until last month, when ISO switched to
> their Online Browsing Platform (OBP). Update notifications are now
> available only to those who pay an annual fee of 300 CHF (246 EUR, 342
> USD). As it happened, I was going through old posts to this list and
> just decided to check.

I see the OBP includes a "Follow" button to enable a user with an
account to get free update notifications, so hopefully I won't miss any
more of these.

However, I doubt it would have helped for the Cabo Verde change in
question, since the MA claims this change was effective 2013-11-26,
months before the OBP system went live.

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA | @DougEwell

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