Records and registration forms for 'ekavsk' and 'ijekavsk'

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Nov 24 18:45:00 CET 2013

Thanks for this helpful explanation, Goran. I'm now fully satisfied that 
"Serbian with Ekavian/Ijekavian pronunciation" is the description we 

I will post updated registration forms that say "The pronunciation 
difference is reflected in the written language."

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It is worth noting that Serbian orthographic standard, as cited in the
registration form, uses the term pronunciation (ekavski i ijeakvski
*izgovor*) to describe those two variants.

As the Serbian uses phonemic orthography differences in pronunciation 
reflected in the spelling. We had a few examples here, with words like
milk or a girl ("mleko" and "mlijeko", "devojka" and "djevojka").

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