Records and registration forms for 'ekavsk' and 'ijekavsk'

Goran Rakic grakic at
Sun Nov 24 14:48:08 CET 2013

Dana 23. novembra 2013. godine u 23:49, Doug Ewell napisa:
> I agree with Kent, although again not to the point of being a
> showstopper. Maybe some see "Serbian with Ijekavian pronunciation" as
> implying orthographic differences as well.

It is worth noting that Serbian orthographic standard, as cited in the
registration form, uses the term pronunciation (ekavski i ijeakvski
*izgovor*) to describe those two variants.

As the Serbian uses phonemic orthography differences in pronunciation are
reflected in the spelling. We had a few examples here, with words like
milk or a girl ("mleko" and "mlijeko", "devojka" and "djevojka").

In the same context, the term dialect (dijalekat or narecje) is used to
describe variants including those of non-standard language, and some of
them can be with either ekavian or ijekavian pronunciation (and

I believe it is the best to keep the term that is already used in the
academic literature ("pronunciation") or extend the description with
something like "pronunciation and spelling" to better explain the relation
to phonemic orthography for those not involved with Serbian language.

Term "variant" would be neutral, but this is already a variant subtag so I
see this description as redundant.

Saying that, I think that using other terms like "dialect" would add to
more confusion.

Kind regards,
Goran Rakic

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