New variant subtags for Serbian language

John Cowan cowan at
Sun Nov 17 21:59:51 CET 2013

Yury Tarasievich scripsit:

> I'm asking because in the previous discussion I saw several
> references to "standard" language which shouldn't be (or can't be?)
> classified/branded by a dialectal features, like *kavian or anything,
> only by the norm-setting name/year/body.

Unless the standard is a polycentric one, as is the case for Standard
Serbian, which specifically allows either Ekavian or Ijekavian spellings
and pronunciations, just as it allows either Latin or Cyrillic script,
as long as they are consistently used in any one document.  The two
tags currently proposed are meant for the standard languages, though
they will also be useful with non-standard varieties.

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