New variant subtags for Serbian language

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> On 16 November 2013 02:38, Goran Rakic <grakic at> wrote:
>> %%
>> Type: variant
>> Subtag: ekavn
>> Description: Serbian with Ekavian pronunciation
>> Prefix: sr
>> %%
>> Type: variant
>> Subtag: ijekavn
>> Description: Serbian with Ijekavian pronunciation
>> Prefix: sr
>> %%

> Are there not also Ekavian and Ijekavian (and also Ikavian) variants
> of Croatian? (Though I don't know to what extent they are written.)

> I wonder whether it might not be better to either omit a language
> prefix or to provide for additional prefixes such as "hr", "sh",
> and/or "bs", and to modify the description so that it is not
> restricted to Serbian only.
I think it's fine to apply for the prefix field containing [sr] at this point. Can't more prefixes be added later?
The following is from RFC 5646, section 3.8

   "If a record includes no 'Prefix' field, a 'Prefix' field MUST NOT be
   added to the record at a later date.  Otherwise, changes (additions,
   deletions, or modifications) to the set of 'Prefix' fields MAY be
   registered, as long as they strictly widen the range of language tags
   that are recommended. "( 



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