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Sun Nov 3 23:14:51 CET 2013

Michael Everson scripsit:

> “Shall not be subject to translation into other languages”? What rubbish. 

They are following in the footsteps of Côte d'Ivoire, which adopted
this rule in 1986.

By the same token, Belarus doesn't want to be known as "White Russia"
or "White Ruthenia", nor Costa Rica as "Rich Coast", nor Ecuador
as "Equator", nor El Salvador as "The Savior", nor Gabon as Cloak,
nor Honduras as "Depths", nor Iran as "Aryanland", nor Kiribati as
"Christmas", nor the Maldives as "Necklace", nor Montenegro as "Black
Mountain", nor Pakistan as "Land of the Pure", nor Sierra Leone as
"Lion(ess) Mountains", nor Sri Lanka as "Resplendent Island", nor Togo as
"Water's Edge", nor Tonga as "South", nor Tuvalu as "Eight Together",
nor Venezuela as "Little Venice".

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