Descriptions for Volapük variants

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Wed Jan 11 08:38:05 CET 2012

Very few variant tags are based on people's names, IMHO basically for lack
of other common denotation for the variant. Here there seem to be other
denotations for the variants, those used in the language itself, that are
not based on names of persons. I would think that is preferable to use
for devising variant subtags.

    /Kent K

Den 2012-01-11 01:41, skrev "Michael Everson" <everson at>:

> On 10 Jan 2012, at 23:59, Kent Karlsson wrote:
>> And I'd prefer avoiding names of people, however prominent in connection with
>> this language.
> Why? Schleyer devised one form of the language, and de Jong devised its
> revision.
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