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Tagging is always a good thing. However gender has nothing to do with 
language. Not a good idea. to mix different properties within the 
same category.

Le 2012-12-21 à 08:46, Michael Everson a écrit :
>Well, there is talk of addressing the problem with language subtags. 
>I don't know if this is the best way to do it. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.
>On 21 Dec 2012, at 13:40, Alain LaBonté <albalabon at> wrote:
> > SC35 is working on personalization. However I don't think we went 
> that far yet.
> >
> > Alain LaBonté
> > ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35/WG1 Convenor (on keyboards and input methods)
> >
> > extra cc Jim Carter, WG6 Convenor (on accessibility)
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> > Le 2012-12-21 à 06:03, Michael Everson a écrit :
> >> Musing.
> >>
> >> A language tag applied to a run of text tells the any person or 
> process "This text is in the English language" and a subtag might 
> make precise for instance that "This English text is in Oxford spelling".
> >>
> >> A voice tag applied to a run of text tells a computer "Read this 
> text aloud in a woman's voice". A voice tag does not change the 
> content of any text being read out: The voice will read text from 
> the New York Times, or a Help dialogue box equally. A voice tag 
> selects a voice only.
> >>
> >> An audience tag will tell a process "Choose a set of localized 
> strings which address me as a male or as a female".
> >>
> >> Some other tag whose name I can't think of will tell a process 
> "Choose a set of localized strings which make it look as though you 
> are talking to me as if you were a man or a woman".
> >>
> >> A manners tag will tell a process "Use a set of localized 
> strings which use a formal or informal register".
> >>
> >> Aye? Nay?
> >>
> >> This had all be really well thought out before we decide (in 
> advance of industry consultation and standardization) to just load, 
> or over-load, or mis-load, language subtags with it. What, for 
> instance, does SC35 have to say about it?
> >>
> >> Michael Everson *
>Michael Everson *
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