gender voice variants

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at
Sat Dec 22 20:30:29 CET 2012

On 12/22/2012 09:06 PM, Peter Constable wrote:
>> this subtag to serve as a hint to a "grammar engine".
> I don't think that's what I wanted. All I had in mind was static resources/content.
> I do recognize that formatting strings with replaceable elements is an important consideration, though. (E.g., "%s sent you %d messages", where "sent" may be inflected to agree with %s, and there may be concord between %d and "messages".) And those scenarios stretch limits in relation to static resources.
> I did not have in mind, for instance, MT scenarios that may need to deal with complex grammatical issues.

But that's what you'll almost surely end up 
with, considering even the presented limited 
scenario (with static resources, yes).

The case of East Slavonics, as it seems, *might* 
prove to be "easy"; as a matter of fact, in this 
case it might be possible to completely 
circumvent the whole issue with 
impersonal/plural+polite/plural mode of 
expression, but in those other cases (cf. the 
Italian example)?

I agree that all this is not a principal issue 
in subtags registering, but I feel it might be 
helpful to have more meaningful descriptions for 
the subtags proposed. Do you think "hints for 
grammar/lexical engine" is too serious?


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