gender voice variants

Peter Constable petercon at
Sat Dec 22 19:06:53 CET 2012

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> ... I understand now that Peter and Karen actually want 

Basically, what I wanted was to start a scoped discussion that might lead to registering tags. 

> this subtag to serve as a hint to a "grammar engine".

I don't think that's what I wanted. All I had in mind was static resources/content. 

I do recognize that formatting strings with replaceable elements is an important consideration, though. (E.g., "%s sent you %d messages", where "sent" may be inflected to agree with %s, and there may be concord between %d and "messages".) And those scenarios stretch limits in relation to static resources.

I did not have in mind, for instance, MT scenarios that may need to deal with complex grammatical issues.


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