gender voice variants

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If you don't understand what grammatical gender is all about, then please disregard anything to do with that or the examples that Milos is providing and focus instead on the exemplar scenario I provided in the other thread, "preliminary proposal..."


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Peter Constable wrote:

> Per my other posts, while the notion of grammatical gender can be more 
> complex in languages such as Luganda (Bantu languages are prime 
> examples of such complexity), I think these distinctions can be ruled 
> as out of scope for language tags since I don't think there's a good 
> use case for capturing grammatical gender distinctions in language 
> tags.

But I thought the original use case that sparked this whole discussion was to capture the distinction between a male voice saying "In one-half mile, turn left onto Colfax Avenue" and a female voice saying the same thing. Isn't that even less of a taggable distinction than when the words change?

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