Changes from latest ISO 639-3 files

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Aug 10 20:00:43 CEST 2012

ISO 639-3/RA issued a new set of Code Set and Names Index tab files
dated 2012-06-14, after the big 2011 series of change requests and final
corrections, but before I started converting the 639-3 data into
registration requests for the Language Subtag Registry. The main purpose
of this update seems to have been to change the format of the files, but
there were some content changes as well, described below, which affect
the LSR requests.

I propose that we go ahead with the big wave of changes we are preparing
to submit to IANA this weekend, and submit the additional changes
shortly afterward, so as to not delay the big wave (which has already
been delayed long enough). Details on each proposed disposition are

ckn - Kaang Chin

This code element is new in the June 14 file, and has a Web page on the
RA's site, but with a note: "Change request pending. View Change Request
2011-019." The change request to create this code element is not shown
as having been approved yet. I suggest NOT adding this subtag to the LSR
until the RA formally approves the code element, even though this causes
a temporary mismatch with the 639-3 tab files.

ekl - Kol (Bangladesh)

This new name for an existing code element (originally "Kol") was added
as the Reference Name in the June 14 file. Other languages named "Kol"
exist — 'biw' for "Kol (Cameroon)" and 'kol' for "Kol (Papua New
Guinea)" — but this was the only one called just "Kol." The Web page
shows "Kol" listed first, but the tab files (which are normative) show
that "Kol (Bangladesh)" is now the Reference Name. I suggest that we add
this new name to the subtag record for 'ekl' as the first Description
field, but also keep plain "Kol" since it is still in the Names Index.

loe - Saluan

The language was originally named "Coastal Saluan," then merged with
Kahumamahon Saluan [slb] in 2008 and the name was changed to "Saluan."
Probably due to a clerical error, the Names Index files continued to
list "Coastal" as the inverted form of "Saluan." Since the LSR doesn't
use inverted names, I didn't notice this since the "inverted name"
column in the old-format file was ignored. However, in the new file
format, inverted forms are listed on a separate line like other names,
and "Coastal" has its own line. I suggest that we ignore this as an
error, continue to list only "Saluan" in the LSR, and hope the RA makes
the correction later.

nlq - Lao Naga

This code element was proposed in Change Request 2012-049, part of the
2012 change series which has not yet been processed. It has no Web page,
but was present in the February 13 and February 28 tab files (both Code
Set and Names Index). It has now been removed from the June 14 tab
files. I originally suggested adding the subtag to the LSR,
exceptionally, based on Melinda's explanation on July 27, but now the
code element has been removed from the tab files I suggest withdrawing
the record and registration form, and waiting until the RA approves it

nqq - Kyan-Karyaw Naga

Everything about 'nlq' above applies to 'nqq' as well. The Change
Request number is 2012-050.

rnr - Nari Nari

This is a new code element added in the 2011 series. According to the
old tab files (February 13 and 28) this was "NariNari" with no space,
but the name was changed in the June 14 files. The name with space is
correct according to Change Request 2011-109 (the original intent of the
requester) and the 639-3 Web page, except that the code change history
on the Web page does still say "NariNari". I suggest that we change the
proposed record and registration form to use the name with space ("Nari

Please send any comments or suggestions to the list, with an appropriate
Subject line.

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