Nepali Extension Language Question (WAS: Review period; Nepali and Oriya)

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> ... 
>> However, according to the information at the change request for
>> Nepali, "
>> ...

> Perhaps in the future, I should add the Change Request number to each
> registration form, so reviewers can more easily find these pages.
(More work for you? Let me know if you want me to do this in the future. Thanks.
Maybe I should do it for these recently approved changes sometime this week. I can at least do that.)
>> Based on this information, unless we find anything counter to this,
>> then perhaps the languages Nepali [npi] and Dotyali[dpy] [recte:
>> [dty]] should not be registered as extension languages [recte:
>> "extended language subtags"] for the macrolanguage [nep].

> I agree that, based on the quoted sections from the change request, it
> seems unlikely that speakers or authors of Dotyali would have used the
> BCP 47 subtag 'ne' to identify Dotyali content, and that consequently
> the extlangs probably are not appropriate.
Yes, this is what I inferred too.
> Oriya may not be as clear. The change request to add Sambalpuri
> (2011-159_spv.pdf) says that "The Ethnologue classifies Sambalpuri as a
> dialect of Oriya called Western Oriya." However, the request to create
> the macrolanguage (2011-159.pdf) mostly emphasizes the differences
> between Oriya and Sambalpuri, and in fact gives no rationale for the
> macrolanguage (item 2.b). Note that the Nepali macrolanguage request
> also gave no rationale.
Absolutely. I note that the change request indicated much more shared vocabulary between Sambalpuri
and the rest of the Oriyan language than was noted between Dotyali and Nepali, but finally the request said (rather flatly) that this was so because both were related albeit via Sanskrit.
So I don't know in this case what to do.


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