Review period; Nepali and Oriya

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> Gordon P. Hemsley wrote:

>> Ah, sorry, forgot to include the link:
>> Every <languageAlias reason="macrolanguage" /> maps a microlanguage
>> code (@type) to a macrolanguage code (@replacement). This seems to be
>> for the same reason as the existence of extlangs, except that this
>> eliminates the ability to use macrolanguage codes for their
>> macrolanguage usage.

> OK, I see the data now. No, we would not want to do that in BCP 47.
Ditto to what Doug says; I think it would be out of the scope of BCP 47 to say that [zh] (the Chinese macrolanguage) is in practice simply [cmn] (Mandarin Chinese)simply because it's used (incorrectly in my opinion) that way.

Thanks for sharing this information though.


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