Portuguese subtags

Frank Ellermann hmdmhdfmhdjmzdtjmzdtzktdkztdjz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 12:19:16 CEST 2011

On 18 September 2011 18:17, Doug Ewell wrote:


If the Minister's Council turns out to be a Council of Ministers
it's also fine.  At the moment some folks need a tag for texts
that are clearly not "pre 1990", even if "post 1990" is not as
stable and clear as we would like it.  If necessary there can be
a new "2025 now finally clear" tag in the future.

Fortunately that was not necessary for the German reform, but
its "final" state (after 2000) does not exactly match what I have
in an early reform Duden (before 2000).


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