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Sun Sep 18 19:27:49 CEST 2011

Den 2011-09-18 18:17, skrev "Doug Ewell" <doug at ewellic.org>:

> António H F P A Emiliano - FCSH/UNL <ah dot emiliano at fcsh dot unl dot
> pt> wrote:
>>> As a native English speaker, I didn't have any problems with the
>>> English in these proposals.
>> OK. So what does 'Minister's Council Resolution' mean in English?


I would guess "Resolution 8/2011 of the Counsel of ministers"
(of the Portuguese government), might be a better translation.

I'm not sure "Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 8/2011" needs
to be translated to English. But you may want to clarify that it
refers to the Council of ministers of Portugal (rather than Brazil or ...).

    /Kent K

>> Is it a resolution issued/put forward by the council of a minister?
>> Which minister in this particular case?
>> What does council mean in this context?
>> Is it a group of advisors?
>> Or is it a formal gathering of close collaborators or subordinates?
>> If the council is an advisory group or a formal body of collaborators
>> how can it issue resolutions?
>> Usw.
> That isn't a question of native English or non-native English; it's a
> question of the Portuguese political structure.  I read "Minister's
> Council Resolution" as saying that there is a Minister's Council of some
> sort that issued a resolution.  I didn't ask how the council was
> constituted, or at which minister's pleasure it serves, or whether it
> has authority to issue resolutions.  I imagine an organizational chart
> of the Portuguese government would be of more use here than an English
> proofreader.

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