tags for orthographic conventions and historical documentation

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Mon Sep 12 18:00:23 CEST 2011

As I observe recent threads on Portuguese orthographic variations, it occurs to be that it may be generally helpful (not just for that topic) to make a note about orthographic conventions promoted or used at different places or times and when it is or isn’t beneficial to register variant subtags.

The IANA language subtag registry should be used to facilitate language tags of real use for public data interchange among general users. In particular, I hope that people are never tempted to view the registry as a place to document conventions of mainly historical interest. (I am not suggesting I think that’s happening in relation to Portuguese in the current discussions.) There are sites like scriptsource.com that are created for historical documentation. Requests to register tags in the IANA registry should be limited to making distinctions that are likely to be useful in data interchange.

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