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> Subtag: 1945cil **
> Link: http://dre.pt/pdfgratis/1945/12/27300.pdf
> Reference: Grande Dicionário Língua Portuguesa, Porto: Porto   
> Editora, 2004.


The subtag should in fact be <1945colb> - Convenção Ortográfica Luso- 
Brasileira per the decree's introduction (p. 1037, 2nd col.)

Repeat: <1945colb>

The expression “Convenção Ortográfica Luso-Brasileira” -- described  
in p. 1037, 1st col., as “convenção para a unidade, ilustração e  
defesa do idioma comum” which was agreed on and pre-signed in 43 --  
is a formal way to designate the orthographic agreement bewteen PT  
and BR. It a synonym for “Acordo Ortográfico”.

It should not be confused with the “Convenção Luso-Brasileira” of  
1943, the *conference* where the *ortographic convention* was signed.
It is unfortunate that the word “Convenção” is used in the Portuguese  
decree with both meanings, but the distinction is clear IMO.


Regards. - A.

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