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Doug, No idea on your specific question re online MT for non-standard Latin transcriptions of Hindi. However, it sounds like a 2- or 3-step process: first into the script ( via perhaps a preliminary step to clean up the transcription), then through the translator.

From past experience running simple Chinese texts through a variety of online hanyu <-> pinyin and MT applications, and from ongoing observations of non-standard transcriptions of African languages (mostly interference from European language orthographic conventions or simple expediency of ASCII), it occurs that there could be a great benefit to having arrays of online utilities alongside MT for transliteration between scripts and correction of orthographies / transcriptions. 

Presently, as your question re Hindi and my somewhat dated (and admittedly rather limited) experience with Chinese indicate, doing anything online with transliterations or irregular transcriptions of text (esp. in tandem with MT) can present challenges.


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Anyone know of a Web site that will accept input in Latin-script Hindi, probably not an official orthography, and translate it into English?  Google Translate seems to accept Hindi only in Devanagari.


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