Applying for a Neo Subtag

David Starner prosfilaes at
Mon Mar 7 20:56:43 CET 2011

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 11:49 AM, Mark Davis ☕ (sıʌɐp ʞɹɐɯ)
<mark at> wrote:
> No, you can't ditch them all; not saying you can.
> Particles or word order are so very much simpler than inflections for one of
> the key problems we are faced with: parameter substitution. That is,
> substituting variables in sentences templates like "{person} viewed {number}
> {things} on {date}". Inflexions would be ok if they were perfectly regular
> and never overlapped with other words—but that never happens, so they are
> extremely painful.

In most artificial languages, they are perfectly regular. In most
languages, inflexions would be easy if you were dealing with just one
language. If you want to be correct on "a/an", you simply store the
correct form beside the word. It's only when you're dealing with
English and German and Finnish and Turkish and Chinese that it's a
problem, in which case Esperanto and most other artificial languages
are pretty easy.

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