Request of new variant subtag for kichwa (inside qu)

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Tue Jun 7 15:36:35 CEST 2011


Thanks for your prompt answer. I have corrected several points and put an
alternate version of the request (below, after the signature). I wasn't
aware that some parts would be intended for publication.

> I find the description is too long, and should be divided up into
> alternatives; something like this:
> Description: Shukllachishka kichwa
> Description: Kichwa unificado
> Description: Unified kichwa
ternative names.)
>>       Prefix:qu
> Which are the individual languages covered by this orthography? Should the
> codes for those be used as prefix instead of "qu"?
The list of the individual language covered (ISO 639-3 codes) is the
following :
qud, qxr, qug, qvi, qvj, qvz, qxl, quw.
I think the most logical is to use the "qu" prefix since the Unified
Kichwa does not adress all these dialects individually (the reference
grammar book does not make a difference between dialects).

> The title as given in the PDF document is "Kichwa, Yachakukkunapa Shimiyuk
> Kamu". The references should be given as in a bibliography, with title,
> names of authors, date, etc.
>>        Code at is qu-ec, used for spellchecker:
> I would also like to ask why "qu-EQ" is not sufficient.
qu-ec would have been a possibility too as it is shorter but the Language
comittee of the Wikimedia Foundation has expressed preference to avoid
country-codes into the language names :

Following your answer I wrote again to a member of this Comittee to have
more details on the reasons for this policy.


Sylvain Mailler

   1. Name of requester: Mailler Sylvain

   2. E-mail address of requester: mailler at

   3. Record Requested:
      Type: Variant
      Subtag: kichwa
      Description: Unified Kichwa
      Description: Kichwa unificado
      Description: Shukllachishka kichwa
      Comments:Unified Kichwa is a orthography that covers all the
variants of Quechua spoken in Ecuador.

   4. Intended meaning of the subtag:The Unified Kichwa is a normalized
grammar and spelling that intends to cover all the variants of Quechua
spoken in Ecuador. It is normalized by the governmental National
direction of the bilingual education (DINEIB), and by ALKI (Academia de
la lengua Kichwa). The Kichwa language is co-official in Ecuador
(Spanish is the official language, Kichwa and Shuar are official
languages "for intercultural communication" according to Art. 2 of the
current Constitution of Ecuador). Therefore, there is a system of
bilingual education in all the Kichwa-speaking areas of the country,
where the Unified Kichwa is taught.

   5. Reference to published description of the language (book or
article): Two main publications describe the language :
- A Spanish-Kichwa dictionary : Kichwa yachakukkunapa shimiyuk kamu
(CHANGO A., María T., and F. POTOSÍ, 2009, Ministerio de Educación. 266
- An extensive Grammar book that describes the rules of the language :
Various Authors, 2010, Kichwa Kichwata yachaymanta - Gramática pedagógica,
Ministerio de Educación

   6. Any other relevant information:
       Test wiki for Wikipedia at Wikimedia Incubator:
       Code at is qu-ec, used for spellchecker:

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