Code element: "pgl" for "Primitive Old Irish"

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Jan 7 15:53:29 CET 2011

Marion Gunn <mgunn at egt dot ie> wrote:

> (With apologies for cross-posting to several e-lists of experts, but
> this matter is of some importance to Irish users.)

Be that as it may, there is nothing ietf-languages or Unicode can do
about it.  It is an internal matter of ISO 639-3/RA.  They have already
announced that the current change request cycle "will be delayed for a
minimum of two months," in all likelihood due to staffing turnover.

> Question is, can formal _publication_ of code elements (updated list
> of all 2010 assignments in ISO 639-3) be expected any time soon?

Last year's report (not announced as exceptionally delayed) was
published on January 20, so I personally would not expect this year's
report before mid-March.

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