Code element: "pgl" for "Primitive Old Irish"

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Fri Jan 7 13:28:29 CET 2011

To: ISO 639-3 Registration Authority
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(With apologies for cross-posting to several e-lists of experts, but 
this matter is of some importance to Irish users.)

Re: ISO 639-3 code element request formally submitted in January of last 
year, that is, a year ago this month.

Title: Request for New Language Code Element in ISO 639-3, namely, code 
element: "pgl for Primitive Old Irish"
Date of submission: 2010-1-21
Tentatively approved and currently used for purpose stated.

Names and e-mail addresses of official requesters:
David Stifter (david.stifter at
Dennis King (donncha1 at
Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle (aoimhin at
Elizabeth J. Pyatt (ejp10 at
John Cowan  (cowan at

Question is, can formal _publication_ of code elements (updated list of 
all 2010 assignments in ISO 639-3) be expected any time soon?

Note that the relevant SIL site—as Registration Authority appointed by 
ISO to do this ISO 639-3 work—has not been updated accordingly for a 
long time (and still displays the same apology for delays it put up in 
the middle of 2010).

Le dea-mhéin,

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