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Personally, I think these subtags [acor1971] and [acor1990] are o.k.

(Like Jose, I prefer subtags with the name acor as part of the name too, in the interest of transparency.)

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> In the referenced PDF file, I see many pages specifying what the new
> orthography is.  Can João (or someone who reads Portuguese more rapidly
> than I) briefly summarize what was changed?

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My Portuguese is likewise limited.
It seems the orthography affects both vowels and consonants as far as I can tell.
According to the Wikipedia link below, accents or circonflexes may be used interchangeably on vowels in some instances?; 
"ct" consonant combinations are also affected it seems, according to Wikipedia, "ct" and "c" are sometimes interchangeable?)
According to the document, geographic  names are affected -- 
foreign names such as Geneve are used in place of local ones such as Genebra;
other names may be affected too, including Biblical ones -- 
in the pronuciation of final consonants in say "Job," 
or "Cid" (in "El Cid").   Can someone verify this?  
(I have not read much because my Portuguese is slow too . . .  )

In the Wikipedia info, it looks like this is a compromise on orthographic conventions of the various countries listed
on the document as participants (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tomo, Portugal; 
but Wikipedia says not all participants have ratified this 1990 agreement;
does this mean Angola & Mozambique have not done so yet? Does anyone have this info?); 
for Wikipedia's info.

(Eventually I'll look at the document in more depth to the best of my ability if someone else does not do so. . . )



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