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John Cowan cowan at
Wed Sep 22 08:05:13 CEST 2010

Yury Tarasievich scripsit:

> Looking from here I don't see anything unusual in having one System (A) 
> for 1:1 translit and one System (B) for approx. translit for major  
> Cyrillic-using languages, employing the di- and trigraphs.

I've finally got my hands on an actual copy of ISO 9, and it definitely
does not have the B system.  There are three tables:  one for bg, mk, sh,
uk, be, and ru; one for non-Slavic languages, and one for emigre letters
(ge with upturn, yat', little yus, fita, and izhitsa).  The first two
tables overlap somewhat, but they are fully consistent with each other.
So ISO 9 is unequivocally 1:1 transliteration between Cyrillic letters
and Latin letters with zero, one, or two diacritics.

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